Is solar power worth it?

Aug 22nd, 2019

Maybe, you'd rather protect yourself against rising electricity prices, eliminate your electricity bill completely, or free up your cash flow to spend on other important areas of your life. Solar power is turning the sun's energy into dollars!

Research indicates for every $1,000 you invest in a solar power system you'll return $250 per year, that's an average of 25% return on investment! After years of paying for electricity bills, it's almost guaranteed that without solar you'll be paying electricity bills for years to come, therefore solar is a safer investment than the stock market or the property market because it's with your solar investment it would be certain that your a certainty that you would pay bills without it. 

Solar power systems do not have any moving parts and can last up to several decades, with very little maintenance, and right now is the first time in history you can create your own power station at home!