Is my property suitable for solar?

Sep 19th, 2021

Solar can be a great investment for millions of Australians but there are a couple of living situations that hold people back from the switch to solar energy. Can you relate to any of the questions below?


1. Do you live in your own home?

Yes? Well, it’s completely worthwhile to further investigate solar energy. 


2. Do you own an investment property?

Yes? A solar system will increase your property value, attract tenants, retain tenants, increase your rental price, and is a claimable asset for depreciation. 


3. Do you live in an apartment or rent? 

Yes, I reside in an apartment! - Installing a solar power system will require discussions with your owner's corporation. We would recommend reaching out to Allume Energy, who offer a "shared solar" system for apartment dwellers, which gives every renter in the apartment access to solar!

Yes, I rent a property! - Unfortunately, this might refrain you from installing solar, unless you can persuade your landlord.  

Your solar panels won’t be able to generate enough electricity if they don’t receive the appropriate amount of sunlight. It's always important to orientate solar panels to the north in Australia, so they receive the most amount of sunlight.  Any obstructions like trees, TV antennas, chimneys and tall buildings commonly cause shading issues, which is a major impact on a solar systems performance. 

If your roof doesn’t receive enough sunlight, try clearing the shade by pruning the extended tree branches and moving the TV antennas. If you live in a heavily forested area, then solar might not be the right choice for you, check out the roof space of the red-tiled house below.