How to protect your warranties

Oct 23rd, 2021

Solar system warranties can be voided if your system is mismanaged. Certain types of damage aren’t covered and can prematurely end your warranty coverage. As a buyer, you must be aware of the industry standard exclusions that may apply to warranties, such as


 • Removal or alteration from the original installation location

 • Products subjected to improper installation, maintenance, unauthorised service

 • Negligence during transportation, handling, storage or use

 • Force majeure including accidental breakage, vandalism, explosions, acts of war, a force of 

        nature (such as lightning strike earthquake)


A primary reason to focus on good retailers is that their workmanship and professionalism is high, this is particularly important because each product in a solar system needs to be installed according to the manufacturer's guidelines, and if they are not installed correctly your warranty will be void. 


It is better to stay on the safer side and return to your original installer for any maintenance or repairs because having a new solar contractor work on your system can make your previous warranty null and void. In this case, your original installer can’t be responsible for any actions taken by the new solar contractor.


A quick action to protect yourself is on the day of installation ask the installer to check for any defects or damage, as this will reduce the risk of receiving a product with its warranty voided, after installation, you'll need to use and maintain your system correctly to stay protected.