How do I payback my investment faster?

Oct 23rd, 2021

Look at the graph above...


Shift blue into yellow and you'll save more green (money)!


Solar energy used at home is worth ~25c/kWh


Solar energy exported to the grid is worth ~10c/kWh.


The more you can change your energy behaviour (red line) so there is more solar used at home (green) and less solar exported (yellow) the closer you'll be to the lowest energy bills in the neighbourhood.


Anything that uses a lot of energy, you should shift use from the evening to daylight hours.


- Dishwashers

- Pool pumps

- Washing machines

- Electric hot water

- Airconditioning


The self-consumption of solar power is the best way to get the most money out of your investment. Solar energy is a ray of sunshine for your finances, but only if you use it for maximum impact.