Our Story

At Ohm Power we want to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all humanity.

Our focus is to deliver 200% renewable energy for Australia through financial opportunity, to create a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive way to address climate change.

We help by empowering you to make a simple switch to solar power and battery storage.

Matthew Race founded Ohm Power shortly before representing RMIT University at the United Nations summit in Paris.

"I am a strong advocate that business should create positive impact in the world"

After spending years walking the Melbourne suburbs talking to everyday Australians about why they haven't switched to solar, Matthew turned his curiosity and unpaid passion into a company to help people understand the financial opportunity available to them,

"I thought it was ridiculous that nobody was switching to solar power! Here in the sunniest country on earth people can install a solar power system and generate electricity for life!"

It now makes sense for a majority of people to install a larger solar energy system than a smaller solar energy system.

Sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy is here for Australia.

We want to know, what's holding you back from this sunlit future?

Help us work toward

Carbon Neutral

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